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6 Ways to Make Sure your Cabin is Pet Friendly

What’s a family vacation without your furry sidekick? Many people want to take their pets with them to their vacation cabin instead of leaving them behind. But is your cabin actually pet-friendly? Do you know how to make it so?

No matter if your custom cabin is in the piney woods of East Texas or nestled along the Gulf Coast, safety should be your top priority. You deserve to relax and enjoy your cabin without worrying about whether your pet is safe. Follow this guide from Ormeida Cabins to learn some steps you can take to make your cabin pet-friendly.

Common Cabin Hazards

When vacation season strikes, you may feel ready to burst through the door of your cabin like you never left it. After all, you carefully shut your cabin down for the off-season, so it should be ready and waiting once the nice weather returns, right? Make sure it’s safe for your pet’s return, too. Here is a list of common cabin hazards to watch out for and get rid of before your pet’s visit:

  • Old, forgotten garbage
  • Chemical household cleaners
  • Mothballs
  • Exposed cords or wires
  • Bee and wasp nests
  • Anthills
  • Mold/mildew build-up
  • Broken glass

At Ormeida Cabins, we believe your cabin should be your home away from home. After all, investing in cabin building and maintenance should result in an enjoyable place to spend time. Read on to learn more about making your cabin a pet-friendly place.

1. Pack a Pet-Friendly First Aid Kit

In addition to a family first aid kit, it’s also a good idea to put together a first aid kit for your pet. You can include wound wash, tweezers and any medication your pet needs so you’re well prepared.

2. Bring Some Familiar Items

A favorite chew toy or blanket can make staying in the cabin more enjoyable for your pet. Staying in a different place can make some animals nervous, so set your dog or cat up for a successful cabin outing by bringing some familiar items.

3. Inspect Area for Dangerous Materials

Dispose of animal droppings, toxic plants and rusty nails before your pet arrives. Avoid injury and illness by preparing the area around your cabin before your family lets loose.

4. Check Cabin for Hazards

Keep an eye out for uneven boards, pest traps or bait that could cause injury or sickness to your pet. Pesticides, chemicals and mothballs are all toxic – make sure you remove them or put them where your pet can’t reach.

5. Provide Shade and Water

Having fun at your cabin can be thirsty work. Remember to keep your pet hydrated and cool by providing them a place out of the Texas sun and lots of water to drink.

6. Keep Your Pet Safe

Your pet’s safety depends on you. Keep your dog on a leash or your cat on a harness and put them in a life vest if you’re going out on the water.

A Pet-Friendly Cabin with Ormeida

No matter if you’re visiting your cabin for one night or the whole season, set your entire family up for a safe and fun time. Remember to prepare your cabin before your four-legged family members arrive so they can stay safe and have a good time, too. With a custom cabin built from Ormeida Cabins, you and your furry family members can enjoy the great outdoors year-round. Contact us today to start your build!

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