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Cabin History

Are you a fan of the rustic cabin aesthetic? Do you enjoy the earthy feel of wooden floorboards under your feet and the smell of cedar? At Ormeida Cabins, we understand the allure of rugged homes and strive for the timeless feeling within each of our Texas custom cabins.

Our goal is to stay true to the authentic log cabin design while still prioritizing excellent craftsmanship. You can experience the Ormeida difference any time you rent to own one of our high-quality cabin buildings or when you have us build your structure on whatever site you choose.

Are you interested in learning more about cabin history? Read on for more fun facts about the people who popularized log constructions and why cabins spread across America below!

The Origins Of Log Cabins

Log cabins have left a long trail on the pages of our history books, but many people are unaware of their origins or the people groups that created them.

Early Origins

The earliest records of rustic wooden dwellings are those that date back to around 3,500 B.C. Log cabins seem to have roots in countries scattered across Eastern Europe, such as modern-day Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

Beginnings In America

When it comes to cabins in North American history, log structures were first introduced in the 1600s by natives from Finland and Sweden. With the bitter chill of winter just around the corner, every settler was looking for a way to weather the cold temperatures ahead. Those from Eastern Europe were able to use the miles of timber available and construct simple dwellings quickly and efficiently.

How The First Cabins Were Made

Log cabins have always been relatively simple to make. The first few wooden structures didn’t require very many tools or resources. Most settlers would use a saw or an ax to chop trees into logs and then lay them horizontally with notches at the end to hold each piece in place. Chinking, or insulation to plug cracks, could be made from any extra material lying around, whether that be extra cloth, clay, mud or small rocks.

Log Cabins Today

In the last few decades, log cabins have become more modern, structurally and aesthetically. Most wooden buildings retain heat better thanks to insulation upgrades. The rustic feel of contemporary log cabins usually comes from a compact layout and economical exterior. However, the interior of these structures is often less traditional and full of current-day amenities such as hot water and shiny new appliances. Nevertheless, log cabins never fail to draw a decent-sized crowd of all those wishing for a quaint but cozy home.

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