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The Best Ways To Maximize Your Small Cabin Space

Whether you aim to live in your cabin full-time or only use it for occasional cabin camping, your space needs to work for you. A well-designed small space contains all your necessities while still feeling open and inviting. Does all this sound impossible? With Ormeida Cabins, it’s not. You can maximize your small cabin space by using creative solutions that emphasize function. Follow this advice from Ormeida Cabins to make the most out of your small cabin space.

Bring In the Light

Natural light brightens a space and makes a room feel large and airy. If you’re designing your own cabin getaway, incorporate lots of windows to bring in natural light. Another option is to design your cabin with a porch to expand your living space outside. If neither of these are an option, consider hanging a large mirror in the main room to give the illusion of space and reflect more light around your custom Ormeida cabin.

Consider Your Furniture

While it’s true that a collection of bulky chairs and couches can make a space feel stuffy, don’t be afraid of bringing a large piece into your small cabin. One big, comfy couch that fills a wall makes your space feel inviting instead of cluttered. If you want a more airy feel, pick a couch with exposed legs to lend more visual space. Also, think about furniture that lends itself to more than one purpose, like a piece that can serve either as a seat or as a table.

Use Smart Storage

We all have stuff, and your small cabin should have plenty of places for storing it. Instead of keeping everything out in the open, incorporate smart storage into your cabin design. Opt for tall bookshelves that draw the eye up and offer lots of storage space for small items. Consider installing over-the-door shelves to keep items off the floor and out of eye level. Invest in furniture with built-in storage, like your headboard or bed frame.

Cut the Clutter

Even if you use the smartest storage solutions, clutter will happen. To keep your cabin’s countertops clear, install magnetic strips to store knives in the kitchen or accessories in the bathroom. Maintain an organized closet by evaluating your wardrobe seasonally. You do not have to have your winter coat available to you in June! Aim for neutral-colored storage containers that blend into the space. This cuts down on visual clutter in your cabin. If you notice the clutter keeps building, consider introducing your small space to the one-in-one-out rule. This means that each time a new item comes in, you get rid of one.

Trusted Cabin Builds by Ormeida Cabins

At Ormeida Cabins, we understand the importance of utility and comfort when it comes to your Texas cabin. You can design your perfect cabin by incorporating purposeful furniture and effective storage. Make the most out of a small cabin and start living the life you’ve always imagined. Contact us today to start building the cabin of your dreams.

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