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How To Choose Where To Put Your Cabin

Ormeida Cabins: Making Your Cabin Dreams Come True

Are you dreaming of owning your own piece of paradise in Texas? Look no further than Ormeida Cabins, setting the standard in the cabin shell industry for over 17 years.

With our commitment to quality, customer service and fair pricing, Ormeida Cabins offers the nation’s best value in cabin shells. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy weekend retreat or a full-time residence, our hand-built shells are crafted with family pride and attention to detail.

Join the Ormeida Cabins family and let us help you turn your dream of owning a cabin on your land into a reality.

Building A Cabin On Your Land

Ormeida Cabins invites you to embrace the homestead lifestyle in the heart of Texas. Our custom-built cabin shells offer the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban living, allowing you to reconnect with nature and create your own slice of paradise.

No matter what you’re envisioning, we take pride in crafting top-quality cabin shells that cater to your unique lifestyle needs. Picture waking up to the tranquility of nature, far removed from the stresses of city life, all on your own land. Let Ormeida Cabins be your partner in realizing your dream homestead and experiencing the joy of off-grid living in Texas.

Buying Land In Texas And Building A Cabin

When it comes to buying land in Texas and building your cabin house, selecting the right location is key. You’ll want to find the perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of Texas landscapes while maximizing the comfort and functionality of your cabin.

Texas offers diverse climates and topographies, ranging from lush forests to rolling plains and rugged hills. Consider factors such as proximity to water sources, elevation and prevailing winds when choosing your desired location. Coastal areas may offer cooling sea breezes, while hill country locations provide stunning views and ample recreational opportunities.

With four locations state-wide, our professional installers are ready to work with you. Trust in our expertise to make your dream cabin a reality!

Should You Pay Off Your Land Before Building?

When it comes to owning your dream cabin, Ormeida Cabins offers a unique Rent to Own cabin program that provides flexibility and convenience. With this program, you can have your custom cabin on your property without the need to pay off your land upfront. Instead, all that’s required is a security deposit (which is reimbursed upon purchase of the cabin) and the first month’s rent.

There’s no need for a credit application, and you’re not obligated to keep the cabin if your circumstances change. If you decide you no longer want the cabin, our team will pick it up, leaving your credit unsullied. With Ormeida Cabins’ Rent to Own program, you can start enjoying your cabin on your land without delay.

Finding The Perfect Spot In Texas

Choosing the perfect location for your cabin shell in Texas is a crucial step toward realizing your dream of cabin living. Consider the unique climate and topography of Texas, along with factors like accessibility and natural surroundings. These considerations ensure your cabin provides the ultimate retreat experience.

With Ormeida Cabins’ commitment to customer satisfaction, you can confidently embark on this exciting journey of cabin ownership. Let us help you find your ideal spot and turn your cabin dream into a cherished reality in the heart of Texas.

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