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Personalize a Cabin Floor Plan

Do you dream of having your own cabin, perhaps in the woods, on the beach, in the mountains or maybe for a guest house or workspace or art studio? The list of ideas goes on as far as one’s imagination.  Do you want to personalize a cabin floor plan to your liking?

Visualize Your Floor Plan

One of the first steps to building a customized dream cabin is visualizing a cabin floor plan that meets your desires and needs. As creative thoughts begin to flow, capturing those mental visions on paper or on a digital device is the way to help start that dream to materialize. That first step is sometimes as simple as a floor plan scribbled down on a napkin or whatever scrap piece of paper is handy.

You have a brainstorm that begins to manifest as you record how you would like the cabin to form from the ground up, how many rooms and how they are arranged, where the windows and doors will be located, what sizes the rooms should be, how the kitchen is set out with cabinets, appliances, and pantry, where closets will be and the purpose of each, etc.

Map Out Your Floor Plan

As the floor plan begins to take shape, excitement grows for all the options that are possible. The thought that you could soon have your own customized cabin built just the way you want it is truly doable. Getting started is as simple as the handmade sketch, which can be used as your initial plan, or searching online for programs that can help you create a plan that is 2D – 3D and can be printed out.

Use Your Resources

On the internet, there are websites that offer software programs that allow you to plan your cabin beyond the floor plan level. You can create plans that include every aspect of the cabin’s layout – even the placement of your furniture in designated rooms.

House Plans

One website that offers over 17,000 plans to choose from is where the company service claim reads, “Our customers are our top priority! With over 30 years in the industry, we know the importance of giving our customers the best service possible. We offer a live chat directly on our website where you can personally speak with a customer service representative and you can also call us directly! As a family-owned and operated company, we do our best to treat you like you are family.” Check out their cabin plans.
Room Sketcher
Another website that presents 2D and 3D floor plans as well as “live” 3D plans is There you can create floor plans and home designs. The site declares, “Get Started, risk free! RoomSketcher comes as different types of subscriptions, depending on your needs and preferences. Our free subscription includes access to many of our features, including RoomSketcher Home Designer and Snapshots. Signing up requires no credit card. When you want to generate any of our high-quality outputs or access premium features, you can upgrade your subscription. It’s that easy!”


A great source for floor plan ideas is This site will take you to many floor plans that are basically free to print out and guide you in making your final decisions and may offer you new ideas you had not imagined. This website would actually be a perfect beginning step on the road to your very own dream-come-true, personally designed cabin.

Contact Ormeida Cabins Today!

Once you have the design and plan nailed down, you will need a builder. Ormeida Cabins is that company! And, yes, they will be happy to work with your NAPKIN floor design if that is all you have had time to originate. Not a problem!


Ormeida Cabins offers a purchase option or a rent-to-own option, which may be more appealing to some customers. They require no credit check. They will deliver and set up your new cabin for free or will build onsite free within 50 miles (within the San Antonio, TX, area).

Call Ormeida Cabins and talk to Jeanine today at 210-376-9441 or fill out the form. Experience the Omeida difference!

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