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Finishing Out Your Cabin

Choosing The Right Interior Wall Material When finishing out your cabin, you have many wall finishes to choose from. Sheetrock offers a smooth, paintable surface that’s relatively easy and cost-effective to install. Painting the sheetrock — or drywall — is a popular choice, but it’s not your only option. While drywall is a widely used […]

Pros Of Metal Roofing On Your Cabin

Experience The Benefits Of Metal Roofing When it comes to roofing your cabin, the material you choose is crucial for both function and looks. Ormeida Cabins — renowned for our quality wooden cabin shells — specifically opts for 26-gauge R-Panel metal roofing, offering a distinct advantage over traditional shingle roofs. In this post, we’ll explore […]

How To Choose Cabin Insulation

Relaxing in front of a roaring fire during cooler temperatures creates a cozy atmosphere — but without the insulation to retain that heat, keeping warm in your wooden space may be difficult. Here at Ormeida Cabins, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality wooden cabins that don’t disappoint. Our team has set the industry standard for […]

Building Off The Grid: Solar Energy

Living off the grid, to many, is a dream. When it comes time to turn that dream into real life, there are certain necessities to think about, like electricity. After building with Ormeida Cabins, solar energy is a feature many owners explore to complete their off-grid setup. The Financial Benefit Of Solar Panels For Cabins […]

Building Off The Grid: Rainwater Collection

For homeowners who enjoy a challenging DIY project, building a rooftop rainwater collection system is the perfect opportunity to test one’s engineering skills. Here at Ormeida Cabins, we recognize the value of making your home match your aesthetic and personalizing it to fit your needs and preferences. Our custom cabins are designed to align with […]

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