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Have You Considered a Tiny Home?

Baby Boomers, among others who would like to downsize or minimize their home living spaces, have more than likely considered “tiny homes” or small cottages. This idea has become very popular. because one can be set up either in a “Park Model” RV park or on a small plot of land, which seems like a very practical, logical move to make. It can be a daunting thought to imagine your children having to deal with going through your belongings and deciding what to do with all your “stuff” after you are gone. If it is possible to take care of the downsizing task while you are still able to do so by giving your personal effects to family members, donating to charities, or selling what you don’t need, you will not be leaving those overwhelming decisions and work for others to manage later. (They may not admit it now, but they will truly be thankful later.)

Downsizing is not the only reason some folks are turning to tiny homes or cottages. These dwellings are useful for garden sheds, pool houses, and guest cottages. Also, setting up a small home in a loved one’s back yard could be the answer to staying closer to grandkids and children as one enjoys the golden years.

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Where are the tiniest homes in the US?

Texas is the largest state for Park Model shipments, while California is the second-largest and Arizona is third. This makes sense because there is a lot of recreation and many retirees in those states as well as people who desire to escape the harsh winters in the northern states to bask in the warmer weather in the South.

Some RV parks allow the maximum of a 399-square-foot tiny home to be built on their land. These homes can even be bought from Amazon. Yes, it’s true–you can have a tiny home delivered to your front door or the RV park of your choosing for as little as $5000. They usually ship for free and can be assembled in just 1-3 days. Tiny home kits include everything you need (except for a few basic tools, of course).

While dramatically downsizing seems a financially smart thing to do, in our latter years especially, It pays to do some homework on the pros and cons of purchasing and moving into a tiny home. It is important to weigh out which size, type, and style will fit your needs, budget, and personality. Upon doing diligent researching, you may discover there is a lot to consider:

Will a tiny home save me money?

Tiny homes can cost a wide range of prices from $5000 to as much as $150,000 which is lower than the medium American home, but is it worth it? The cost of a tiny house depends on whether you buy it or build it. Building it yourself can cost considerably less overall; however, when comparing tiny homes to regular homes, the tiny houses can be more expensive, especially by the square foot.

Is tiny housing allowed in all states and RV parks?

There are varying state laws and regulations regarding tiny homes. If you are interested in finding out what those are, you can go to this website:  Tiny House Laws in the United States:  States that Allow Tiny Houses.

What about getting financing on the tiny home?

After researching tiny homes’ pros and cons, one should be able to determine if choosing that route is best. If financing is required, there can be problems with financial institutions being willing to place a mortgage on that type of home because they don’t consider a tiny house to have enough value to make good collateral.

Ormeida Cabins gives you everything you want, and nothing you don’t.

Ormeida Cabins with their custom-made cabins and cottages offers a great alternative to a tiny home or small cottage. Ormedia Cabins’ commitment to quality, customer service, fair price and easy financing options help them maintain a great reputation in every place they operate.

Ormeida Cabins has been setting the standard in the cabin industry for over 17 years. They pride themselves on producing the finest cabins. They offer the nation’s best value in cabins, with great prices and the option to buy or rent-to-own with no credit check. In addition, there is FREE delivery and setup OR will build onsite FREE if within a 50-mile radius to your site’s location.

Many US businesses have suffered greatly due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Some may never recover and others will need to downsize to a smaller office space and perhaps even to a different location. Ormedia Cabins has the perfect solution. Their Office Cabin with its 200-square-foot space also features an 80-foot covered porch. This office is an excellent alternative to high-priced office spaces. Why rent when you can own your building? The cabin is designed to allow you the use of multiple customer areas for you to build your business in style.

Consider checking with Ormeida Cabins for any downsizing answers for your home, office, shed, etc. Cesar Ornelas and his team will work hard to help as you make your life-changing decision regarding minimizing your home or workspace. You deserve the Ormeida Difference! Call 210-376-9441 today to request a quote or to go to their website to fill out their contact form.

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