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4 Steps To Getting Your Cabin Ready For Winter

Winter may inspire thoughts of sitting around a welcoming fire, sharing a comforting meal with loved ones or cozying up in front of the TV. While all of these are wonderful winter goals to aspire to, the weather may not always be in agreement.

Texas winters can range from confusingly mild to downright brutal. You deserve to feel prepared for whatever the season has in store. Before freezing temperatures hit, make sure your custom Texas cabin is winter-ready with this guide from Ormeida Cabins.

Roof, Chimney, Gutters and Downspouts

Starting from the top, insulate your attic to prevent ice from building up and causing roof damage. While you’re up there, check the flashing around the chimney for signs of damage or leaks. Also, clean your chimney and then screen or cap the top to keep out unwelcome winter guests like birds and squirrels. It is important to replace worn-out shingles or roof tiles before they cause extensive damage.

Make sure to clean the gutters of fallen leaves and debris, which can become very heavy when wet and dangerous if frozen. Finally, force water down the downspouts to free them of any blockages and extend them away from the house if needed.

Walls, Doors, Windows and Foundation

Moving to the main structure of your cabin, seal all cracks and crevices around the exterior walls and foundation. Small animals like mice can fit through extremely narrow cracks and openings, so take your time with this step. Clear fallen leaves and debris away from the foundation. It is recommended that all leaves and any firewood be cleared and kept at least 20 feet away from your cabin.

Loose leaves and debris against your cabin welcome critters to sneak in and firewood stored against your cabin is a fire hazard.

Replace worn-out weatherstripping around doors and seal any drafts around your windows. If you choose to use caulking around your windows, be mindful you don’t seal trimmed-out windows or caulk over weep holes. Finally, replace your screens with storm windows if you have them.


Find your water main in case you need to shut the water off in an emergency. To set yourself up for spring, make sure your garden hoses are drained and stored away for the winter. More importantly, locate all exposed pipes outside your cabin and insulate them. If your air conditioning unit has a water shut-off, turn it off after draining those pipes as well.

Landscaping and Outdoors

Taking care of the land around your cabin is an important element of cabin maintenance and winter preparedness. There are other considerations besides simple leaf raking and stacking firewood at a safe distance. Close or low-hanging branches can fall during a winter storm. To avoid costly repairs, trim these branches away from your cabin and electrical wires.

Winterizing your cabin helps keep your space safe and warm when the temperature drops outside. Moreover, paying attention to the details of your cabin build keeps it in good condition for years to come. Following this guide is a good first step toward setting yourself up to enjoy your cabin well into the future.

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