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4 Ways You Can Customize Your Cabin Space

Nothing is more exciting than watching your dream custom cabin come to fruition. Whether your vision is a cozy space or a luxurious house in the woods, Ormeida Cabins can help bring it to life. While Ormeida only specializes in building the shell of the cabin, these four customizations are some great ways to switch up your cabin floor plan.

Down With The Walls

If you’re looking to integrate more space into your cabin but don’t want the extra square footage, knocking down walls is a great way to achieve this.

Poorly placed walls can take up additional room that you need, especially between the living, dining, and kitchen areas. Removing walls can create the illusion of more space in your cabin. Open floor plans are especially beneficial for the kitchen, a must-have for many families!

Let Natural Light In

When people think of the classic cabin in the woods, they usually picture a few small windows. Some cabin floor plans only come with a few windows, which makes the space smaller and dark.

Adding in windows allows for natural lightning to come through, enhancing the feel of your cabin. It’ll also allow you to enjoy the beautiful view outside. More windows can result in a bigger, brighter space.

Aside from the feel of a larger and brighter cabin, window sills are a great place to add decorations to your space. Potted plants, framed pictures, fun trinkets, all work well to add the special flair you want to your home.

Extra Rooms

Building extra rooms is a great way to change your cabin if your budget allows for it. Some floor plans lack the adequate storage and utility space you may need for your cabin, so extra space is the best way to aid those needs.

Sometimes cabin owners can also add an extra bathroom or bedroom, or as many as the upper and lower level. Lofts, in particular, are a great way to gain extra sleep or workspace. They’re a popular feature in many custom cabins, especially if you don’t want to build an entire second floor.

Add A Fireplace

Not all customization has to be as grand of a project as building more space or knocking down walls. If you don’t have one already, adding a fireplace is a staple in many cabins.

If you already have a fireplace and are not happy with the location, you can also look into moving it to a different part of your space. You’ll be especially pleased with the addition when the weather becomes chillier, creating a cozy, entertaining area for everyone to gather.

Custom Texas Cabins

Your dream custom cabin begins with us, Ormeida Cabins. Starting off as a small family business and spanning for over seventeen years, we’re one of the leading Texas cabin builders in the industry. Ormeida provides one of the most crucial steps when starting the process of customizing cabins — building the shell. Contact us today to find out more about our services!

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