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Building Off The Grid: Compost Toilets

For many outdoorsy families and individuals, being off the grid means challenging oneself to live sustainably. If you’re a nature enthusiast who enjoys the rustic feel of wood cabins and the untouched beauty of the wilderness, installing a compost toilet in your home can add even more to the experience.

Here at Ormeida Cabins, we understand the allure of simple living. With our industry-leading products, our customers have the opportunity to become more environmentally friendly and enjoy the aesthetic of a rugged wooden cabin. You can depend on our team members when it comes to quality craftsmanship and affordable pricing.

Read on for more information on compost toilets and why they’re a great option for those interested in making their cabin more eco-friendly.

What Is A Compost Toilet?

Compost toilets raise lots of questions when it comes to health concerns and other legalities. Standard toilets need to be connected to a septic or sewer system in order to function properly, yet compost toilets don’t use any water or plumbing systems.

Compost toilets are much better for the earth thanks to their lack of chemicals and the amount of water they save. These appliances are also completely legal in Texas, though it’s always smart to check your area’s laws in maintaining your compost system.

Some counties may prohibit off-the-grid commodes unless homeowners are properly trained. Compost toilets won’t threaten your health if sanitation codes are consistently followed.

How Does A Composting Toilet Work?

Wondering how a compost toilet functions in an off-grid home?

Compost toilets are relatively inexpensive and can save you lots of money if you’re living in a remote location. These appliances usually have a trap door that leads to a tank that separates liquids and solids and stores them in different containers.

This design keeps your home from smelling like sewage and reduces the risk of harmful bacteria thriving. Once your waste is sorted into its respective containers, you can add it to your compost pile and eventually use it when your plants or trees need extra nutrients.

DIY Composting Toilet For Cabin

Interested in learning how to build a compost toilet yourself? Off-the-grid toilets are easy to construct if you stick to the basics. All you need is:

  • A box made of plywood with a hole cut into it
  • A toilet seat
  • Standard tools such as a screwdriver, hammer, etc.
  • A bucket to place in the hole
  • A container of sawdust to cover your waste after going to the bathroom

Though this is an extremely simplified method of creating a compost toilet, there are plenty of pre-made or partially constructed ones available online. With so many options, it’s easy to see why homeowners are enjoying their custom cabins from our team without being limited by plumbing restrictions.

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Still have questions about compost toilets and whether or not they would suit your family’s needs and the aesthetic of your wooden home?

Here at Ormeida Cabins, we’re always happy to offer our insight when it comes to rustic living. From our classic Texas cabins to our popular cottages, our team has experience when it comes to designing and building custom cabin shells.

As a small, family-run business, we care about meeting your needs and preferences so that you can be comfortable in your cabin and 100% satisfied with our services.

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