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How To Keep Your Cabin Maintained

While owning and staying in a cabin can be a picturesque experience, cabins require specific maintenance. Your cabin can sustain damage that shortens its longevity if you don’t maintain it regularly. This is especially true for the exterior lumber and any exposed timber. Follow this maintenance guide from Ormeida Cabins to help you maintain the longevity of your custom Texas cabin.

Inspection and General Maintenance

Twice a year, in the fall and spring, inspect your cabin by walking the outside perimeter. It is important to seek out any damage after winter freezes and before heat waves. Temperature changes can cause your cabin to expand or settle, creating gaps and cracks in the structure.

Pay attention to the joints between the wood, window frames and roof connections. Look for damaged gutters, warped downspouts, cracking or mold in the crease, corners and gaps around doors and windows.

Cabin Repairs and Caulking

Seal cracks and gaps you find during your bi-annual inspections. It is normal for timber to crack as it ages, a phenomenon known as “checking.” Re-caulk all gaps or cracks in the timber that are 2cm or larger. Repair damaged shingles, gutters or downspouts.

If your property collects standing water when it rains, consider investing in re-grading the area. Low spots against your cabin can hold water, leading to structural damage and inviting unwanted pests.

Washing and Sealing

Wash and seal your cabin annually. If you can avoid it, do not use a pressure washer to wash your cabin. The water pressure is too strong and can force water into the wood. This can cause the timber to swell and promote mold and mildew growth which can lead to wood rot in your cabin.

Instead, use a manual brush and mild detergent to clean off debris and surface-level dirt. The exterior of your cabin is exposed to the elements, so make sure it is taken care of and protected. The timber should be re-stained every three years.

Pest Control

While routine cleaning and general maintenance are sufficient for avoiding obvious insect infestations, an annual professional inspection is recommended. Wooden cabins are susceptible to bugs and insects so be vigilant when it comes to pest control.

Not all pests are easy to detect through simple observation. You may not know when your cabin is playing host to carpenter bees, termites or wood borers. A professional pest control inspection can help ensure your cabin is pest-free.

Start with Ormeida Cabins

A well-organized maintenance routine can set you up for success. Extend the life of your cabin by practicing routine upkeep and scheduling regular pest inspections. Overall, maintaining a cabin is not that different from taking care of a house. If you’re ready to start living an idyllic cabin life, start with Ormeida Cabins. Contact us today!

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