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How To Turn Your Cabin Into A Vacation Rental

With the rise of rental apps like Airbnb and VRBO, everyone is becoming more interested in home-based vacation rentals. For cabin owners, this can be a great source of extra income! While you might use your cabin a few weeks out of the year, there is plenty of time left to rent it out. If you are interested in turning your cabin into a successful vacation rental, there are a few points to consider from Ormeida Cabins.

Researching The Basics

On most rental apps, you can check the demand for vacations in your area. If you are in a low-demand area, you might not earn the advertised average income of an Airbnb Host. In this case, there isn’t much you can do other than be aware of this. The location of your cabin can heavily influence how much you will earn while renting.

Additionally, you’ll want to check if it’s legal to be a Host in your area. Sometimes you will need to notify your city of your new rental pursuit and fill out a bit of paperwork. Completing this step before renting out your cabin will save you stress later on!

Finally, Airbnb Hosts have an “average earning potential,” but don’t count this estimate as a guarantee. Instead, keep in mind how much you are spending on preparing your rental and keep a budget for yourself. You also need to know that rental apps take a minor cut off your booking fee. For example, Airbnb charges 3% booking. This charge is taken on by you as the renter, so you will need to factor this into your nightly booking charges.

Neaten Up Your Cabin

Start with the basics, like cleaning and fixing up any damage within the space. Try to get the home decluttered and returned to its most basic form. Finishing this task first will give you a better idea of how to move forward!

Then, you will want to tackle the decorating portion. Choose the theme you want and try to keep it inviting and comforting for your guests. Make sure your furniture, paint and decorations are on par with each other in theme and freshness! Additionally, take a look at your bed frames and mattresses and decide if they need to be updated. Even though this is a bigger expense, it can be a necessary one. You can also invest in a good mattress protector to keep the mattress fresh!

Listing Your Cabin Vacation Rental

For a strong listing, you’ll need two components: high-quality photos and a perfect description. First, you’ll want to get some gorgeous pictures of your cabin. You can do this by hiring a professional photographer, which is commonplace with serious Hosts. People are visual creatures, so enticing pictures are sure to peak viewers’ interest in your listing! Professional photos are an investment, so make sure that you capture the full atmosphere of your cabin.

Finally, you’ll need to write your listing. Think about what audience will enjoy your cabin the most, and what features are most appealing. For example, you could market a collection of tabletop games or a TV that’s great for movie nights. Only include relevant and distinct details in your listing, because it should be easy to skim. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re describing the true nature of your offerings. If your cabin’s area is not wheelchair accessible, specify it. If something is off-limits, or if the area is limited, just say so.

Managing guests’ expectations will ensure that both of you are getting what you’re wanting!

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