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Is a Small, Personal Office Building Right for You?

How has COVID-19 affected your working condition and office space? Are you liking working at home with all the perks of spending more time with your family, taking breaks to walk out into your backyard for fresh air, and avoiding that awful traffic twice a day while losing precious hours commuting on the highways and byways? Has the idea of making this working situation a permanent arrangement crossed your mind? If so, perhaps you would seriously entertain the idea EXCEPT there is just not enough space in any room in your home to be set up comfortably or sufficiently for longterm.

Well, here is a great solution to that exception! Check out Ormeida Cabins for the perfect answer to your dream workspace. Just imagine your own personal office building, with a lot of room with all the benefits and amenities needed to enjoy operating your business. It could be located in your own backyard or on a piece of property of your choice.

You can have a great layout or floorplan that meets your needs and then decorate your office in a way that reflects your personality or your line of work. No more drab, dull, impersonal decor. Now you can have a warm, inspiring, impressive place of your own while improving your property value as a bonus to go along with it.

Owning your own small business property gives you many tax deductions that can be financially beneficial. In the tax law changes in 2017, there are some new applications to various deductions.

A good source of easy-to-understand information on those deductions is The Balance Small Business. There you will find the 10 most common small business tax deductions listed and explained in simple descriptions.

Now let’s look at more benefits from working from home or small office space in your back yard:


  • Control your own schedule
  • More time for personal pursuits
  • Make money doing something you love
  • No more commuting
  • Control over income
  • Tax benefits (as mentioned above)
  • Control over your work attire
  • No boss
  • More opportunity for growth

If you want additional information, check out the 9 Reasons to Start a Business From Your Home.

If all of those thoughts seem fantastic to you, then don’t surrender to the same-o-same-o! Contact Omeida Cabins today. They are ready to show you how to start planning the office building you’ve only dreamed about until now! Make your new office space your own in every way.

Expect your customers/clients to be awed when they come to do business with you. Click here to find more information about Ormeida Cabins. They do outstanding work with quality craftsmanship that will give you “everything you want, and nothing you don’t.”

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