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The Best Types of Plants to Keep in Your Cabin

Ormeida Cabins is your leading Texas cabin shell builder – but what comes after you finally have your own dream custom Texas cabin? It’s time to bring your space to life! 

While everyone has their own individual style for decorating their space, houseplants are a universal way to bring color and liveliness into your living areas. Here are some of the best options for keeping plants indoors in your Texas cabin!

Snake Plants

Snake plants come from tropical and subtropical regions. It’s very common to see in households as it’s easy to care for, needs little water to survive and is aesthetically pleasing for the eyes.

It can grow best in bright, indirect sunlight and it can also grow in low shady spots of the room. It enjoys being in a warm temperature so for the winter, it’s best to keep away from the windows.

For water care, it is ideal to water every two to three days. You can also check if the soil is dry and powdery before watering. 


Monsteras are very common plants to have in your household – as it’s one of the best-looking plants. Monstera comes from tropical forests, it’s no surprise it prefers a humid environment making it a great indoor plant.

This plant prefers medium to bright indirect sunlight and can also work in low sunlight, though expect a low growth.

Monstera needs to be watered every one or two weeks, in order to allow the soil to dry in between. If the monstera is placed in bright indirect sunlight, expect to water more than what a low indirect sunlight needs.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is also found in tropical and subtropical areas, and is best for growing indoors. This plant can last long in low sunlight and is one of the best plants for beginners and for those who are too busy to take care of it. 

During the summer, it needs to be watered once every seven to ten days. Once it’s winter, you can water it once every two weeks. It’s ideally best to leave the soil dry between waterings.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are the favorite of many Texas homeowners. They’re easy to grow and don’t mind where you can place them, whether in a planter pot or a hanging pot.

As for this plant, it thrives best with indirect sunlight. Having the plant being placed in direct sunlight can burn the leaves, it’s best to place it in the corner of the room away from windows.

For water care, it’s ideally best to water once a week but if the soil is still damp, wait until the next day to water. This plant enjoys drying its soil out every now and then. 

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