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4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Cabin Getaway

Escaping the bustling city for a couple of days to stay in nature can feel like a breath of fresh air and allow you to unwind. Using a tent is a classic choice, but if you want a more modern way to camp, a cabin is a perfect fit. By opting for a cabin you get the joys of camping without any of the stress putting up a tent can bring, especially if this is a new hobby for you. The only thing left to do is plan your cabin escape!

Know the Location Ahead of Time

The only way to start a camping trip is to know where you’re going first. If you have a certain camping experience in mind, based on location or activities, find a campground that matches said interests. Doing this allows you to know what you will need to put on your packing list and itinerary.

Keep in mind that every campground and site offers different activities and experiences, so contact the campground’s management for more information on the amenities they offer and what is around the grounds. This allows you to finalize your trip’s location and the activities you can plan down the line.

Make a Packing List

Once you know the amenities that are offered at your campground, you can start a packing list of what you will need to bring for your time away. Standard practice is to bring your own bedding and towels, toiletries (including but not limited to toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap and shampoo), a first aid kit, sunscreen and any kind of bug repellent.

If your campground does not have a fridge for cold drinks or food, make sure to pack a cooler if you’re wanting to keep water or other beverages cold. Additionally, ensure you bring enough toilet paper with you if you do not have a functional toilet – some campgrounds have a public bathroom or outhouses that don’t supply toilet paper!

Create a Loose Itinerary

Although you are on vacation, it is a good idea to have some activities in mind to shape the overall camping experience. This goes back to knowing the location you are going to camp at – the more remote the location, the more outdoor-focused your activities will lean.

Do remember that you are on vacation, so allowing yourself freedom with the list of activities planned beforehand is good to keep in mind. You went camping to escape the stress of your normal schedule, remember?

Prepare Food Ahead of Time

Knowing how remote your campground is very important when it comes to the kinds of meals you have access to and what you can make. If your cabin has a full kitchen or kitchenette, you can bring refrigerated foods to prepare and make during your entire stay. If your cabin is more remote and only has a barbeque, you might want to research the food locations around you or consider bringing more shelf-stable foods while you’re away from home.

In addition to being mindful of the foods you should bring, bring kitchen utensils as well! If you don’t know if kitchenware will be supplied in your cabin, make sure to pack a set of utensils for every person in the group and the basic tools you need to cook the meals planned.

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